Cooking with Fermented Honey Sauce

Fermented Onion Honey Sauce Butternut Squash

One of our favorite fall foods, butternut squash, gets a little makeover using our Fermented Onion Honey Sauce. With only five ingredients, this recipe is sure to become a tried...

Sticky Fermented Garlic Honey Beef

This Asian-inspired dish combines all of our favorite Asian ingredients with yummy flank steak to create a delicious entree.

Fermented Jalapeno Honey Spaghetti Squash

We love that spaghetti squash offers us a healthier alternative to carb-loaded pasta dishes and we love even more that we can use our Fermented Honey Sauces in this dish!

Balsamic and Fermented Onion Honey Glazed Turkey

Sweet oranges, honey and balsamic keep this glaze sweet, while the fermented onion and thyme keep it savory. We love this innovative take on a Thanksgiving classic. 

Fermented Garlic Honey Butter Rub for Turkey

What's better than a seasoned turkey? A butter-rubbed turkey.  Gobble Baby, Gobble! For this recipe, we keep it simple and just use butter and our Fermented Garlic Honey Sauce for the turkey...

Roasted Carrots with Fermented Garlic Honey Glaze

This easy carrot recipe will have everyone begging for more veggies! 

Jalapeno Honey Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Keep it Sweet with these Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes have always been one of my favorite Fall foods and this mash spices it up with our Fermented Jalapeño Honey Sauce. 

Slow-Cooked Fermented Honey & Garlic Chicken

This recipe is a huge go-to of mine when I need a few extra moments of “me” time before dinner. It's a real winner all around and the...

Anya's Immune-Boosting Chili

Most people wouldn't put health and chili in the same sentence, but it's actually not as far-fetched as you may think if you use our Fermented Honey Sauces in your soup...

Jalapeno Honey Margaritas

Mix up your cocktail hour with our super simple margarita recipe that's sure to put some pep in your step!